Our mission & vision

SFM Wind is committed to providing safe, excellent and professional service to assist wind turbine owners in extending the life of a most critical component of a wind tower gear box. Through our association with world leaders in up tower gearbox repair and up tower oil change equipment, the team at SFM Wind with dedication and passion, engages in educating, and performing safe up tower gear box repair and safe and environmentally friendly oil change.


Our vision is to continue to provide our customers with safe, professional and environmentally friendly services, and to continue expanding our speciality services and to offer complete service.


SFM WIND is performing Wind Turbine maintenance for over 6 years. Specializing in up tower gear box maintenance (repairs, oil changes), generator frame repairs (GE 1.5 wind turbines), generator alignments, blade inspection, tower torquing and tensioning, studs extracting and damage thread repairs.

SFM Wind is:

  • Winergy approved service provider for all up tower gear box repair repairs.
  • Sage oil vac dealer.
  • CanWea member.
  • ISN safety certified.

SFM Wind services:

  • Up tower gear box repairs on the Winergy gearboxes
  • Gear box oil changes
  • Bed plate frame repair ( GE 1.5 Towers)
  • Maintenance support for the wind turbines maintenance.
  • Tower torquing and tensioning
  • Broken studs extracting
  • Damage threads repairs
  • Blade inspections from the ground with complete report and recommended time frame repair.

 Our trusted team

Ivan Brlecic, Operations Manager

Ivan has been with Soo Foundry & Machine for over 20 years, and has lead SFM Wind from beginning. He has extensive knowledge in the Hydro Electric Industry, gear box rebuilding in the industrial sector. He gain experience in gearbox up tower repairs, oil changes and oil change equipment. Ivan has develop high safety standards in the company and extended safety culture in to field services.

Rick Oliver, Field Manager

Rick has been with Soo Foundry & Machine for over 20 years, and has lead SFM Wind from beginning. Working closely with Ivan, Rick has gain experience in Hydro Electric, industrial gear box rebuild, and successfully lead our wind tech in the field from beginning. Rick has been with our wind tech at Winergy training to understand process and to guide wind techs during repair with confidence.

Our Wind Techs

SFM Wind techs are certified Millwrights or at the minimum Millwright apprentice. This gives them the well-rounded knowledge and experience, to resolve any issues when they occur during repairs. When they are not working in the field, they are working in the shop on the industrial gear boxes or any other maintenance support needed. Our Wind techs are chosen to provide the most knowledgeable and friendly service to our customers.

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Up Tower Bed Plate Repair G.E. 1.5

SFM Wind has been performing up tower welding on GE 1.5 bed plate’s (Generator Frame) with our own engineered fixture, procedure and qualified personnel. We have successfully and safely performed numerous up tower repairs.

Maintenance Support

SFM Wind is available to supplement your crew or work independently to help meet your maintenance needs and deadlines with properly trained and qualified wind techs. Whether is tower torquing or tensioning from the foundation anchors to the hub, yaw and pitch maintenance, generator alignments or any other mechanical needs SFM Wind can supply the certified equipment and qualified wind techs.

Up Tower Broken Stud extracting and Damaged Thread Repairs

SFM Wind has removed and or repaired numerous broken studs up tower. Whether they are in the nacelle or in the hub we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to remove them, re-tap them or install a thread repair kit to any size, in a safe and efficient manner with our qualified personnel.

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